Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Community Insurance Group LLC is a top insurance agency based in Wisconsin. The company offers a range of boating/watercraft insurance policies to residents throughout the state. Wisconsin does not require boat owners to take out insurance for their vessels. However, you should know that many marinas in the state will only allow insured vessels to dock. In any case, getting insurance for your boat or watercraft is a good idea. Most policies cover any damage to the boat from a collision or running aground. They also offer protection from damage from vandalism or violent weather. Perhaps most importantly, boating insurance covers medical payments for you, your family, or other passengers who may have been injured while aboard.

The Wisconsin coastline leads out to Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. If you are one of the many boating enthusiasts who like to take your vessel out in the warmer months, you should get the kind of protection that will allow you to enjoy it with peace of mind. Although these waters tend to be calm and placid in the summer months, occasional squalls do pass through them. There is also the possibility of damage to your boat from a fire or vandalism. You cannot predict such incidents but can prepare for them by taking out insurance.

Your greatest financial worry as a boat owner is the liability for injuries. Your insurance will pay the medical bills of any guests hurt while on your vessel. In many instances, the compensation they receive from your insurance will discourage them from launching a lawsuit that could cripple you for years to come.

At Community Insurance Group LLC, we put the needs and priorities of clients first. You are the best person to judge what should and should not be included in your insurance coverage. The service representative who works with you will ensure the insurance policy reflects what you think is most important.

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